Show #387 of Reeling: The Movie Review Show
with Robin & Laura Clifford
August 9, 2006

Robin Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Robin Clifford
World Trade Center
Wonderous Oblivion
Heading South (Vers le Sud)
House of Sand (Casa de Areia)
The OH in Ohio
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
The Descent
The Night Listener
Laura Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Laura Clifford

Quinceanara - click for review
World Trade Center - click for review
World Trade Center
House of Sand - click for review
House of Sand
Wondrous Oblivionl - click for review
Wondrous Oblivion
Heading South - click for review
Heading South (Vers le Sud)
The Night Listener - click for review
The Night Listener
The Descent - click for review

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