The Maze Runner

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Laura Clifford 
The Maze Runner

Robin Clifford 

Thomas (Dylan O'Brien, "The Internship") arrives in the Glade by elevator, as boys have every month before him, with no memory other than his name.  The Glade is surrounded by a giant maze, which a special group tries to map daily, but at night it's patrolled by Grievers, shut behind massive doors which protect the Gladers.  When Glade leader Alby (Aml Ameen, "Lee Daniels' The Butler") and chief runner Minho (Ki Hong Lee) are about to be trapped behind these doors, Thomas exhibits an unlawful bravery that will turn him into "The Maze Runner."

Laura's review will be published on opening day, 9/19/2014.

Robin did not see this film.
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