I Capture the Castle


Laura Clifford 
I Capture the Castle

Robin Clifford 
Cassandra Mortmain (Romola Garai, "Nicholas Nickleby") lives in a crumbling English castle with her older sister Rose(Rose Byrne, "Two Hands"), Stephen (Henry Cavill, "The Count of Monte Cristo"), a hired hand who is more like a brother, and their novelist father James (Bill Nighy, "The Lawless Heart") who has suffered writer's block for the past two decades. Their landlord dies just as Mortmain's royalties dry up and the family is suddenly in arrears for the past two years rent.  His American heirs, Mrs. Cotton (Sinéad Cusack, "Passion of Mind") and her two sons Simon (Henry Thomas, "Gangs of New York") and Neil (Marc Blucas, "View From the Top"), arrive and throw the family into romantic confusion in "I Capture the Castle."                                                     

Laura's review coming soon!

Robin did not see this film.

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