The Muppets

Gary (Jason Segel, TV's 'How I Met Your Mother') is taking his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams, "Enchanted") on a trip of a lifetime to L.A. to celebrate their 10th year together, but he cannot leave behind his brother Walter (voice of Peter Liz) who is beside himself with the idea of being able to visit the studio where his favorite TV show was shot. Once there, though, Walter overhears the nefarious plot of Tex Richman (Chris Cooper, "The company Men"), an evil oil baron who plans on tearing it down to drill for oil. There's only one thing to be done - find Kermit the Frog (voice of Steve Whitemire) and enlist him to round up "The Muppets."

Laura's Review: B-

Robin's Review: B-

Laura's Score: B-