A truck driver and his partner roll into town looking for a good bowl of ramen noodles. They select a little shop run by a woman who is obviously over her head in the noodle biz. In an act of kindness, the quiet stranger, Goro (Tsutomu Yamazaki), agrees to mentor the harried woman called “Tampopo.”

Laura's Review: A

One of the three greatest food movies of all time, 1985's "Tampopo" arrives back in theaters in a 4K restoration and it is cause for celebration. Jûzô Itami's endlessly inventive comedy follows a main story, two truck drivers who mentor single mom Tampopo in her desire to achieve ramen greatness, a subplot about two lovers who use food for erotic purposes (the egg yolk orgasm is a classic) and a bundle of offshoots telling smaller tales with delicious wit. Itami holds everything together with creative transitions while tripping through a myriad of movie genres. "Tampopo" offers the Western, film noir, romance, the buddy movie and many more within its cinematic feast. As Tampopo (the Japanese word for Dandelion), Nobuko Miyamoto's meek cook becomes a confident chef in an endearing performance. Grade:

Robin's Review: DNS