One Cut of the Dead

Higurashi (Takayuki Hamatsu) considers himself a director who is fast, cheap and average, so he’s a bit taken aback when he is offered a zombie movie. The producers’ pitch is a challenging one – for the launch of their new Zombie Channel, he will be tasked with creating a 30 minute film where the crew of a zombie movie is attacked by real zombies, it has to be shot in one take and it will be broadcast live as “One Cut of the Dead.”

Laura's Review: B-

Cowriter/director Shin'ichirô Ueda has created a fun genre film that acts as its own ‘making of’ featurette. We experience “One Cut of the Dead” as it is broadcast before flashing back a month to see its genesis and the insanity that erupts during its execution. Take one hypochondriac, an alcoholic, the overly committed wife of the director (an actress who retired because she lost herself too completely in her roles) and his daughter, an aspiring director with a crush on the star, combined with routine on set mishaps, and witness how mistakes and imagination aid the filmmaking process.

Robin's Review: DNS