Kusama: Infinity

Yayoi Kusama is approaching her 90th year and, for most of that long and continuing life, has been an painter, sculptor, performance artist, fashion designer, poet, feminist, minimalist and surrealist. Her trademark polka dots and infinity nets were her entry to the art world and she is still exploring new directions in “Kusama: Infinity.”

Laura's Review: B

Robin's Review: B

I do not know a lot about art, but I do appreciate a quirky talent that has the ability and durability, and single-minded vision, to last and evolve over seven decades. Yayoi has lived through some of our most turbulent times as a teen in WWII Japan, struggling artist in 50s and early 60s New York City art scene, anti-war activist in the 70s and, finally achieved the fame she worked so hard for. The diminutive Yayoi marched to her own tune throughout her life and, even if you do not like art, her energy, imagination and penchant for bright colors (flowers are an early influence), you should appreciate the effort by docmaker Heather Lenz. Her dedication to her subject is near equal to Kusama’s own. She utilizes many talking head interviews of those who influenced and were influenced by the artist (like Andy Warhol), archival footage and early video and, of course, her art through the ages.

Laura's Score: B