Claire in Motion

Claire (Betsy Brandt) is a woman totally sure of herself. She and her husband Paul (Chris Beetem) teach at a nearby college and, at home, they have the perfect life with their son Connor (Zev Haworth). Early one morning, Paul kisses still sleeping Claire and heads off for a hike in the mountains. It is the last time she will see him in “Claire in Motion.”

Laura's Review: B

Robin's Review: B

This is a character study, by co-directors/co-writers Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson, of a woman and the inexplicable disappearance of her beloved spouse. Betsy Brandt, known for her characters in TVs “Breaking Bad” and “Life in Pieces,” stars as Claire, whose secure and ordered life is thrown into turmoil when Paul does not return from his hiking excursion. After reporting the missing Paul to the police, a search ensues, covering the trail that Paul used by foot and by air, but no trace is found. What follows is a period of hope that Paul will show up, unscathed, at any minute. But, after a month, police chief Doyle (Ken Strunk) calls off the search, leaving Claire in an emotional limbo. The rest of the story centers on Claire and her growing doubts and insecurities over what she had once perceived as an idyllic life.

Laura's Score: B