TitleRobin's RatingLaura's RatingEpisode #
O Brother, Where Art Thou? B B 246
O'Horten B+ B+ 460
Obit B+ A- 664
Oblivion C- C 559
Observe and Report C 456
Obvious Child B- B- 588
Ocean’s Eleven B B 269
Ocean's 8 C 691
Ocean's Thirteen B- 409
Ocean's Twelve C 345
Oceans C- 482
October Country C+ B 481
Oculus C+ B- 584
Oddity B B 846
Of an Age A- 809
Of Gods and Men B+ A- 504
Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa B+ A- 432
Off the Map B+ B+ 351
Official Competition B B+ 792
Official Secrets B- B- 723
Offside DVD B B 415
Oh Lucy! B B 683
Okja B+ A- 667
Old C+ 768
Old Dog B- B 773
Old Dogs F 471
Old Henry B+ B 773
Old Joy B+ B 391
Oldboy B- B+ 353
Oldboy (2013) Blu-ray B+ B+ 581
Older Than Ireland B+ B+ 636
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life B B 746
Oliver Twist B+ B 364
Olympus Has Fallen C+ 557
Omar B+ B+ 581
On a Clear Day C+ 379
On Chesil Beach B B- 690
On Guard! (Le Bossu) B B 294
On My Way (Elle s'en va) B B 583
On the Basis of Sex B C 705
On the Bowery A 540
On the Count of Three B- B- 789
On the Road C C+ 552
On the Rocks B B 747
Once B A- 407
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia B A+ 534
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood B B+ 720
Once Upon a Time in Mexico B B 313
Once Upon a Time in Uganda B B 820
Once Within a Time B+ A- 827
Ondine B B- 483
One Chance C+ C+ 596
One Child Nation B B+ 721
One Cut of the Dead B- 723
One Day C C 515
One Direction: This Is Us 3D B- 568
One Fine Morning B+ A- 808
One Hour Photo C B- 289
One Night in Miami B- B 754
Only God Forgives C- C- 565
Only Lovers Left Alive B- A- 585
Only the Animals C+ C+ 776
Only the Brave B- 675
Only Yesterday B+ B+ 631
Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle B+ B+ 804
Onward B B 735
Open Hearts (Elsker dig for evigt) A 300
Open Range B+ B 312
Open Water B 337
Opera Jawa A 414
Operation Avalanche B B 647
Operation Finale C+ C 697
Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre B- C 810
Oppenheimer A- 820
Oranges and Sunshine B- C+ 520
Ordinary Angels C+ B- 836
Ordinary Love B+ A- 734
Orgasm, Inc. B B+ 504
Origin B B 833
Orphan B- 463
Orphan: First Kill C- B- 796
Osama B+ B+ 325
Oscar Shorts – Animation and Live Action – 2010 B+ B+ 477
Oscar Shorts – Animation and Live Action – 2010 B+ B+ 502
Oslo, August 31 B A- 542
Osmosis Jones C+ C- 261
OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies B+ B+ 432
Other People B B 646
Our Brand Is Crisis B B 384
Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) C 624
Our Children (À perdre la raison) B B+
Our Lady of the Assassins (La Virgen de los sicarios) B- B+ 265
Our Little Sister B A 643
Out and About A- A- 815
Out of Darkness C C+ 834
Out of the Furnace B B 575
Out of Time B- B 315
Out Stealing Horses C+ B- 743
Outlander C+ 450
Outrage B B 523
Over the Hedge B B+ 381
Over the Moon C+ C+ 748
Overlord B 702
Overnight C 343
Owning Mahowny B+ 305
Oxygen C+
Oz the Great and Powerful B 556