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TitleRobin's RatingLaura's RatingEpisode #
L.A. Twister C C 338
L.I.E. B+ 264
L'Argent (1983) B+ 525
L'Enfant B+ 379
L'Esquive (The Game of Love and Chance) B A- 359
La Belle Noiseuse B A 688
La Belle Personne B 461
La France B B 437
La La Land B+ A 653
La Moustache B+ A- 388
La Vie en Rose C B- 409
La Vie Promise C+ B- 333
Labor Day C C 579
Labyrinth of Cinema B+ B+ 780
Labyrinth of Lies B- B- 622
Ladder 49 B- C 341
Lady Bird B B+ 676
Lady Chatterley B B+ 411
Lady Macbeth B B+ 668
Lady Vengeance (Chinjeolhan geumjassi) B A- 382
Laggies B B 598
Lakeview Terrace B- 441
Lalka (The Doll) B+ A 609
Lamb B B- 774
Lambert & Stamp B+ B+ 610
Land C+ C+ 756
Land Ho! B- B- 592
Land of Mine B B 658
Land of the Lost D- 460
Landline B- B- 669
Language Lessons B+ B+ 771
Lantana B 271
Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life C+ 310
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider C- D- 258
Larry Crowne C+ 512
Lars and the Real Girl B 418
Last Cab to Darwin B B 641
Last Chance Harvey C+ C+ 448
Last Dance B- B 287
Last Days B A- 361
Last Days in Vietnam B A 595
Last Flag Flying B+ B+ 677
Last Holiday C C+ 372
Last Life in the Universe B A- 337
Last Night in Soho B B 775
Last Resort B+ B+ 249
Last Train Home B+ B+ 493
Last Vegas B- 573
Late Marriage (Hatuna Meuheret) B+ 283
Late Night B 716
Laurel Canyon B- B 302
Law Abiding Citizen C- D+ 469
Lawless C- B+ 542
Lawless Heart B+ 303
Laws of Attraction C C 330
Layer Cake B B+ 355
LBJ B- C+ 676
Le Corbeau (The Raven) B A- 521
Le Divorce C 311
Le Havre B A- 522
Le Joli Mai B+ B+ 575
Le Petit Lieutenant B B 399
Le Quattro Volte A- A- 506
Le Week-End B- B- 583
Lean on Pete B+ 686
Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy B- B+ 684
Leap Year C- 474
Learning to Drive B 619
Leatherheads B- 429
Leave No Trace B B+ 692
Leaves of Grass on DVD C+ B 494
Leaving (Partir) C 496
Lebanon B+ B 490
Lee Daniels' The Butler C+ C+ 567
Legally Blonde C C+ 259
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde B- 308
Legend B- C+ 626
Legendary 491
Lemming B+ B 385
Lemon Tree B B 457
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events B 345
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man C 385
Les Espions (The Spies) B+ B+ 521
Les Misérables C C 550
Les Misérables B A- 731
Les Triplettes de Belleville A 321
Les Triplettes de Belleville C A 321
Let Him Go C+ C+ 750
Let It Rain (Parlez-moi de la Pluie) B+ 488
Let Me In B+ 493
Let the Corpses Tan B- B- 685
Let the Fire Burn B B 572
Let the Right One in (Låt den rätte komma in) B A 444
Let the Sunshine In C+ C+ 689
Let Them All Talk B- B- 752
Letters from Iwo Jima B+ 397
Letters to Juliet C+ 483
Level 16 B- B- 709
Leviathan B- A- 604
Li’l Quinquin B A- 616
Liam C 265
Liberal Arts C+ C 543
Licorice Pizza B B+ 779
Life and Debt B+ B+ 274
Life as a House C+ 267
Life As We Know It C+ 494
Life During Wartime C+ B 488
Life Itself C- 698
Life Itself B+ B 590
Life of Crime B B 594
Life of Pi B+ B 548
Life of the Party F C+ 689
Life or Something Like It C+ B- 279
Life, Above All B+ B 514
Life, Animated C+ B- 642
Lights Out C 643
Lights Out (Simon Werner a disparu…) B B- 517
Like Crazy C- C 520
Like Father, Like Son B B 580
Like Someone in Love B B+ 556
Lilo & Stitch B+ A- 283
Limbo A- 762
Limitless B 504
Lincoln A- 547
Linda Linda Linda B B+ 516
Lion B B 652
Lions for Lambs C+ 419
Lisa Picard Is Famous C+ 267
Listen To Me Marlon A- 618
Listen Up Philip B B+ 597
Little Ashes B C 458
Little Children A- 393
Little Fockers D+ 499
Little Fugitive B B+
Little Joe B B 729
Little Men B B+ 645
Little Miss Sunshine B B+ 386
Little Nicky D D- 242
Little Otik (Otesánek) C+ B 269
Little Pink House C+ C 688
Little White Lies (Les petits mouchoirs) B- 543
Little Women B+ A- 730
Live by Night B- B- 655
Live Free or Die C+ C+ 404
Live Free or Die Hard B+ 410
Live-In Maid (Cama adentro) C+ B+ 418
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World B+ B+ 644
Locke B+ B+ 585
Lockout C+ 532
Logan B+ 658
Logan Lucky B B 671
Lola Versus C C 536
London Has Fallen C 633
London Road B+ A- 647
Lone Survivor B C 577
Lonesome Jim B- 379
Long Day's Journey Into Night B A- 716
Long Shot B+ 714
Look at Me (Comme une Image) A- 352
Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World C- 373
Looney Tunes: Back in Action B+ C+ 318
Looper C+ C+ 544
Lord of War C+ B- 364
Lords of Chaos blu-ray C+ B- 719
Lords of Dogtown B- B 356
Lore B B+ 555
Lorna's Silence B+ 464
Lost Boys of Sudan B B 331
Lost Embrace B+ 351
Lost Illusions B+ B 792
Lost in Translation B B+ 313
Lotawana B B 782
Love & Diane B+ A- 305
Love & Friendship B 638
Love & Mercy B+ B+ 613
Love Actually B B- 317
Love and Other Drugs B 497
Love Crime B B 518
Love Happens D+ 467
Love Is All You Need B+ B 560
Love is in the Air (Ma Vie en L'Air) B B 410
Love Is Strange C+ B 594
Love Liza C+ 298
Love Ranch B- C 486
Love Songs (Les Chansons d'amour) B B 432
Love the Hard Way C C+ 308
Love, Gilda B- C+ 698
Love, Simon B 685
Love. Antosha B+ A- 722
Lovelace C- 567
Loveless B+ A- 684
Lovely & Amazing B- B+ 285
Lovers Rock A
Loving B+ B+ 650
Luca B+ B+ 766
Lucas Belvaux's The Trilogy (On the Run, An Amazing Couple, After the Life) B B+ 328
Luce B B+ 721
Lucia, Lucia (La Hija del Canibal) B B- 311
Lucky B+ B+ 674
Lucky B- B- 758
Lucky Break C- 278
Lucky Number Slevin C+ 378
Lucky Numbers B- 241
Lucy D+ 592
Lucy in the Sky C- 726
Lumumba B+ B 264
Lunacy (Sílení) B+ 388
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom B+ A- 783
Luz C+ C+ 720
Luzzu B B 777
Lymelife C+ C 456
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