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TitleRobin's RatingLaura's RatingEpisode #
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial A- A- 276
Eagle Eye C- 442
Eagle vs. Shark D 410
Early Man B B- 683
Earth to Echo B- C+ 590
Earwig B B+ 794
Eastern Promises B B 416
Easy A B+ 492
Easy Money (Snabba cash) B- B- 540
Easy Virtue B+ 459
Eat Pray Love C B- 490
Eat This New York C C 323
Eden C- B 614
Eden C+ 445
Edge of Darkness C 476
Edge of Darkness (1985 BBC Miniseries) A- 476
Edge of Tomorrow B- 588
Edmond B 389
Eight Below B- B 375
Eight Legged Freaks C+ C 285
Eighth Grade B A- 693
Eisenstein in Guanajuato B- C+ 631
El Angel C+ C+ 702
El Cantante C 413
Elegy B A 439
Elena B B+ 535
Elephant B B- 317
Elf B+ B+ 317
Elizabeth: The Golden Age C 418
Elizabethtown D 366
Ella Enchanted C B 328
Elle B+ B 651
Elvis B+ B+ 792
Elvis & Nixon B+ B+ 636
Elysium C+ C+ 567
Ema B B 769
Embrace of the Serpent C+ A 633
Emelie on Blu Ray C+ B- 637
Emergency B B 790
Emily the Criminal B B 795
Emma. A- 734
Emperor C- 556
Empire C+ C+ 294
En el Séptimo Día B B+ 694
Encanto B- B 778
Enchanted B+ B+ 419
Encounters at the End of the World B+ A 435
End of Watch B- 544
Ender’s Game B B 573
Enemy at the Gates B B 251
Enough C+ C 281
Enough Said B- B- 570
Enron:The Smartest Guys in the Room B B+ 354
Enter the Void A- 495
Entourage B- 613
Envy D 330
Epic C 561
Epitaph DVD B+ B 452
Equals C C 642
Equity B B- 644
Ernest & Celestine B A- 583
Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare B- 545
Escape Plan B- 572
Espion(s) (Spy(ies)) C+ C+ 461
Essential Killing B B 509
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind B A 327
Eternals B B 775
Eureka B 255
Europa Report C+ C+ 566
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga B B 740
Evan Almighty C+ C 410
Evelyn B B- 295
Even the Rain B- 503
Everest B- 621
Everlasting Moments B+ B+ 454
Every Little Step B 457
Everybody Knows B- B- 708
Everybody Wants Some!! B+ 635
Everybody’s Famous! (Iedereen beroemd!) B 259
Everybody's Fine D+ 472
Everyone Else (Alle Anderen) B A- 488
Everything Everywhere All at Once B 786
Everything Is Illuminated B B+ 364
Everything Must Go B C+ 508
Everything Put Together B B+ 268
Everything, Everything B- 664
Evil Dead B+ 558
Evolution C D+ 257
Evolution (2016) B- B+ 652
Ex Libris: The New York Public Library B B 674
Ex Machina B B- 609
Exit Through the Gift Shop B+ A 482
Exodus: Gods and Kings C C+ 601
Exorcist: The Beginning C C 338
Expedition to the End of the World B+ B+ 595
Experimenter B- B 623
Extra Ordinary B+ B+ 737
Extract D D- 466
Extraordinary Measures B- 475
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close B- C 526
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile B B 714
Extro B B 741
Eye in the Sky C+ B- 633
Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) B+ A- 771
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