The Last Kiss (L’Ultimo Bacio)

Carlo (Stefano Accorsi, "The Son's Room") is one of five buddies, all seen celebrating Marco's last evening of bachelorhood, at the beginning of "The Last Kiss."

Laura's Review: C+

He must face adulthood and responsibility himself as his live in girlfriend, Guilia (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), is pregnant.

Writer/director Gabriele Muccino puts the five guys through their immature paces, keeping the focus on Carlo, who messes around with a teenager, Francesca (Martina Stella), who he meets at Marco's wedding. Meanwhile, Guilia's middle-aged mom Anna (Stefania Sandrelli, "Stealing Beauty," "The Conformist") is going through her own crisis, constantly telling her passive husband she's leaving him, but never quite starting an affair. She comes back down to earth when she runs into her old lover Eugenio (Sergio Castellitto, "Mostly Martha") and finds he's moved on with life. Carlo, of course, needs to be caught.

"The Last Kiss" is entertaining enough, but nothing new. It's a date movie for those who want to impress their partner with a subtitled film.

Robin's Review: C+