The Reeling Crew

Left to right: Laura Clifford, Rick Wolf, Christine Murphy, John Reynolds,
Chris Zell, Scott Randolph, Robin Clifford

Technical Director 

Al Finn
Tape Technician
Christine Murphy

Sound Engineer

John Reynolds

Floor Director/Tape Tech

Rick Wolf

Floor Director
Tina Beck

Floor Director/
Assistant to the Director
Hilary Gillcrist

Technical Director
Scott Randolph
& Director Chris Zell

Robin and Laura present awards at the 2000 Chlotrudis Awards

Let's meet Robin and Laura's heroes

Laura and Robert Smith from The Cure

Robin and Betelgeuse

And now for what really happens behind the scenes and after the shoot.

Laura cures Robin of Cat Scratch Fever

Laura and Robin after the show. The only time they really smile.
Scott Randolph
innocently begins the
latest worldwide fad:

Twizzler Flossing
Scott is accosted by a fan of Twizzler Flossing who wants to thank him for her lovely white teeth and unnatural sugar buzz.
Scott shows the world what he thinks of the worldwide acclaim from Twizzler Flossing.

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