Show #392 of Reeling: The Movie Review Show
with Robin & Laura Clifford
October 18, 2006

Laura Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Laura Clifford
The Movies Shot in Boston Special
Robin Clifford of Reeling: the Movie Review Show
Robin Clifford

Thumbs down on Celtic Pride   Celtic Pride The Greatest Game Ever Played Fever Pitch   Thumbs up on Fever Pitch
Thumbs up on Greatest Game
Boston is a sports town, but not all Boston sports films are winners.

Love Story The Paper Chase Harvard Man  Good Will Hunting
Harvard University is featured in many films, but these films were actually shot locally...Legally Blonde need not apply.

Funny Ha Ha Next Stop Wonderland Starting Over
Local indies, Watertown (Town Diner) and the T...and a Hollywood flick with a Watertown bus (and the old Garden, Fanueil Hall, Beacon Hill and Bloomies!)

Housesitter The Verdict A Civil Action
Movies that play with local geography...

The Boston Strangler The Brinks Job Session Nine Monument Ave.
True life and fictional crime...

Mystic River Once Around Spartan
The Tobin, the Longfellow and the Leonard P. Zakim Bridges...

When Stand Up Stood Out Mr. Death Titicut Follies

The Thomas Crown Affair The Departed
The Best of Boston...

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