President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey

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President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey
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President Obama has held that office for just hours and the man’s profile in courage is already available for America to see in a documentary by Maria Arita Howard. The direct-to-DVD analysis of our new president includes the chronicle of the man’s rise to our nation’s highest office, plus, bonus features and, in the limited edition, a presidential trading card in “President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey DVD.”

Just in time to take advantage of our new president’s inauguration, novice filmmaker Howard’s release of this fill-in-the-gaps documentary will give those who are not familiar with Obama’s life and rise to power the required background to learn about where he sprang from. In standard docu fashion, we learn about the man’s roots, his passions and his dedication to be a man of the people. It is a wear-my-heart-on-my-shirtsleeve film that is all glowing praise for our 44th president who gives us hope for Camelot ­ if we work, hard, together, we will make a better life for all!

The limited edition DVD extras include an interview between the director and producers, a music piece of “Yes We Can!” by Brian McNight and seven short films ­ titled “Housing,” “Immigration,” “College,” “War,” “Economy,” “Vote,” and “Family.” All of which start out on a downer note and end with an exuberant “Yes We Can!” You also get the aforementioned presidential trading card.

“President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey“ documentary: C+. DVD and extras: C.

Laura did not see this film.
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