More Than Honey

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Robin Clifford of Reeling Reviews
Robin Clifford 
More Than Honey
Laura Clifford of Reeling Reviews
Laura Clifford 

Bees are responsible for 80% of plant pollination worldwide. Without the bee, life on earth would be drastically, and perhaps disastrously, changed forever. The bee population is declining rapidly and filmmaker Markus Imhoof delves into the looming catastrophe and tries to find the why and how about the demise of the bee in “More than Honey.”

I have used honey as my sweetener of choice for a couple of decades so I have been aware of the decline of the world’s bee population for some time. But, I never suspected the depth of the fast-looming disaster and filmmaker Imhoof does an exemplary job of bringing the bees’ (and our) plight to life.

Utilizing live nature photography that reminds of “Winged Migration,” cinematographer Jorg Jeshel brings us up close and personal to life of bees in the hive and in flight. One scene, where the bee researchers attach a tiny tracking device to one of the search bee, is better than anything that could be devised with a computer. Actually, all of the bees’ life photography, much in extreme close up, is the best I have ever scene, rivaling even last year’s majestic “Samsara.” “More than Honey” has a majesty of its own.

Imhoof provides copious statistical and video proof of the man made disaster. He also gets expert opinion from around the world to tell the story of the dying bee population. They examine the effects that disease, pests, pesticides, chemicals and the greed and stupidity of man have had, and are having, on this tiny vital-to-man’s-survival creature. And, the reason the filmmakers find for this pending disaster? The answer, we learn, is: All of the above. I give it an A-.

Laura also gives "More Than Honey" an A-.
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