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Green Lantern
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The Universe is facing certain annihilation by a terrible creature that feeds on fear. The Guardians of the 3600 sectors of space call upon the Green Lanterns to fight the beast, Parallax, and one of their greatest warriors, Abin Sur (Temeura Morrison), is mortally wounded. He needs to find his replacement and his ring of power brings him to the Earth. It has selected one man, test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), to take up the banner to save countless worlds from certain destruction as “Green Lantern.”

Never being a fan of the source D.C. Comics series I walked into the screening of “Green Lantern” with an open mind. The story is entertaining in a light weight way but the slew of writers (there are seven credited) do not set up a coherent story. Instead, the film is a series of often disjointed action sequences where the visual effects take over for any semblance of story. Also, the writers seem torn between being oh so serious and making jokes. This can be done and be well-balanced, but not by a writing committee.

Acting is minimal since virtually all the characters are never given much by way of depth or dialog. Leading man Ryan Reynolds’s Hal is selected by a ring to be a superhero, proclaimed a Green Lantern, trained perfunctorily by the enormous Kilowog (Michael Clarke Duncan), advised by the sage, fish-like Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush), saves the beautiful heroine Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) and plunked into the middle of a cosmic war, and. He does all of this before he joins the battle against the humungous, multi-tentacle Parallax and save the Universe. So, it is understandable why there is so little character development across the board. With so much going on.

I have to talk to my trusted comic-book aficionado friend to get the fan viewpoint on the film and the story. To me, a non-fanboy, “Green Lantern” feels like a muddled mishmash of ideas, some good, some not. There is too much information as the origin of the 3600 sectors of the Universe, what Parallax is and why he is such a big meanie and why the good guys should triumph over evil, as well as Hal’s back story. Every aspect of “Green Lantern” is well done, from a technical viewpoint, but it screams for a coherent, well-told story. I give it a C+.

Laura is eternally grateful that Robin took a bullet and allowed her to stay home and watch Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.
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